• Welcome to StakeScape! Stakescape is an Oldschool Runescape Private Server focused on all different types of content: PvM / PvP / Collection logging / Skilling / Gambling! StakeScape is as modern as the day, boasting RuneLite / OpenOSRS support with many different plugins, exciting custom gear which upgrades existing gear, items from Raids 3 / Nex such as Masori, Shadow, Fang, Zaryte Crossbow and Torva to name a few! StakeScape has a clean aesthetic and QA testers have said that this is the closest a Private Server will ever be to OSRS. A working Grand Exchange / Auction House, custom DMM Sigils, PvP gear and more! We're growing and we're growing fast so join while StakeScape is taking off to get ahead! We look forward to meeting you in game!.

    Please Watch the Trailer Below!